LIS 580 British Studies
June 24, 2016


Today we toured Parliament. The day after the Brexit vote and security did not disappoint. There were no lines and when we approached the ticket booth we were told that a docent would have to go get our tickets using the confirmation number from our pre-purchased reservations. After showing our tickets to the armed guards at the gate, we walked through a railed courtyard to another security point. This was much like other security checks with metal detectors and x-ray machines. I was welcomed by officer Gavin who waved me through with two thumbs up, "Stellar!", and a wink. 

Tony was our guide and our tour began in the Central lobby. The tiled mosaics that form the headers for the four doorways leading from the lobby are the Saints that protect the UK: St. Andrew from Scotland, St. David from Wales, St. Patrick for Ireland, and St. George for England. The stonework and statues that form the walls are Kings and Queens of England. 
The Parliament build is the Palace of Westminster. In 1834 most of the building was burnt in a fire and Charles Barry was the architect that was commissioned to rebuild it, with Augustus Pugin designing most of the Interior.
The Parliament is the Highest Lawmaking Authority and can make or strike down any law that it likes. The People are not sovereign only Parliament is sovereign. 
The Norman Room is a sort of antechamber to the Robing Room. It is here that we saw a great glass case with a display of articles about the Somme on one side and PARLIAMENTARY ARCHIVES on the other (very exciting!). 

Parlaiment Tea
After our tour we (Stacie, Kim and I) had a delicious tea in the House of Commons. 

Kinky Boots
In the evening Kim and I went to see Kinky Boots.

Fourth Row!
Such wonderful fun! So close that at one point I winked at Lola and she winked back!!!!


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