British Studies
The Globe Theater, The Millennium Bridge, Cleopatra's Needle, Westminster Abbey, and Harrods
June 26, 2016

The Globe Theatre

A funny thing happened on the way to the Globe. Veronica could not find the bus stop that Google maps said was right in our neighborhood and that would take us almost directly there (after a short walk from St. Paul's across the Millennium bridge). So we took the tube to London Bridge. It was cold and because of my faux pas we had already gotten our morning walk in so... wiser heads prevailed (Kim) and we took a cab from the station. Taken a London cab: CHECK!

The theater known as Shakespeare's Globe is actually a reproduction of the historic Globe. We visited the exhibition featuring Shakespeare's life as a playwright and performer. We took a guided tour and our guide gave us a historic and performer's perspective of the space. He also pointed out that the development of Shakespeare's writing was a function of the spaces were used for his performances. 

The Millennium Bridge
After the Globe, in a comedic reversal of the intended morning route, we walked the Millennium Bridge towards St. Paul's to the Blackfriar's Pub for lunch.

The Millennium Bridge has been featured in Guardians of the Galaxy and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. 
Cleopatra's Needle
After lunch, we took the tube to Cleopatra's Needle. Originally an obelisk build for Egyptian Pharaoh Thotmes III in 1460 BC and was transported to England from Alexandria (the city of Cleopatra). It was commissioned to commemorate the victory over Napoleon. Six men lost their lives in the transport of the monument and their names are inscribed on the base.

Westminster Abbey
Our next stop was Westminster Abbey. Sadly it was closed for Sunday services. The beautiful architecture was still amazing from the outside.

This ONLINE TOUR has done much to assuage my sadness that I was unable to tour it live. 

In order to squeeze the most out of the day, we went to Harrods

While most of their items were too rich for my blood, the souvenirs and foods were reasonable enough that I could get some.


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